30 November 2015

All yuba day

Strange to start like this, but after having hauled the girls to school I had to fix a flat. A flat on my truck !
As a small farmer I use an old truck (that a kind soul gave me) to transport produce from my fields to the farm. Some things just can't be done by yuba by one person. Ploughing is another.
As this old truck only gets used for harvest work I dont get in it much, and this morning i saw that it was sporting a flat, it had been getting flatter over the last month, but no hurry.. Rather than taking the wheel off, getting my hands dirty i decided to strap my small bench compressor to the yuba and pump it up where it was a few hundred yards away.
Took two trips for the little reservoir to fill the tire but it worked well. A trip to the bank, then at the end of the day off to pick the girls up. They laughed and sang all the way back. A zero carbon day.


Been busy, time flies, been working hard...

The Yuba has seen some miles over the last few years,  my deliveries, hauls the kids to school, takes me to the Post Office, market etc etc...
Pushed by the summit in Paris i hope to Start blogging again. I had stopped because i thought i had said enough but i think it is important to show that it is possible to live a lower carbon life.