30 June 2009

Summer heat

Done quite a bit of urban riding with kids on back, and trips to the beach with the round beach tent that you can see in the photo. So much better than the car. People still come up and oogle at the bike when it is parked up. Building work on the new house is taking up alot of time too, but we are aiming to take the Yuba on holidays with us. I ordered a roofrack for the car so we may haul it with us on the roof... An old friend is coming to stay next week too, so some Yuba antics will be on order too.

5 June 2009

Pizza and a flick

"Home" by Yann Artus Bertrand was on tonight so we phoned for pizza and I hopped on the Yuba to go and pick them up. Zero carbon pizza, well almost...
I arrived back and was in time for the start of the film, which to be honest I found a little flowery and poetic in language, but worth watching and very hard hitting with it's message, with fantastic images of the planet and how we are destroying it. Can't really argue with the man.

I was handed a political flyer from a major party on the way out and the environment is really a secondary after thought for all of them, something trendy to keep the youngsters happy without actually doing anything of course. It will be intresting to see the European election results this weekend to see if mentalities are changing as people tend to vote outside of the box to push big ideas (if they have any...) rather than for local representation of a certain flavour. As Europe is aging and the older people on these shores seem (IMO) obsessed with insecurity, immigration and the money in their pockets, I have my doubts. I hope the rest of my fellow Europeans don't follow the Dutch example.
I will keep on pedaling my Yuba... and getting funny looks.

1 June 2009

Ladies too

An action shot proving that ladies can haul long distance on the Yuba too. I was asked to swop bikes "just to try" (at last) on the 15 km ride to the beach this weekend. I ended up riding my wife's bike which was too small, hurt my knees and is surprisingly nasty.

We chained the bikes to a flag pole by the beach (flying the italian flag ?!?) and had fun building sandcastles for hours before the sun went in and we had a cool ride back. Managed a stop on a village square for icecream and watched the locals watching the Rugby on the TV in the Café. Probably more entertaining than the match.

Could become a regular stop on route to the beach...