9 October 2009


Got some smiles from the ladies at the supermarket today. I am not sure if it is because I was one of the very few men doing shopping, the big green strange Yuba Mundo or my orange-glow-in-the-dark shopping caddy. Perhaps all of the above.

This supermarket is cool because although it is a cheaper regular type place in a working class neigbourhood, it has a place to lock up your ride (that is bolted to the floor). Unfortunately the old ladies who shop here also use it to tie up their dogs when they go in to shop... so yes those are dog turds...

Also intrestingly this place has a line of organic homebrand food. Local, cheap and good quality. So you can shop cheaply without consuming pesticides or contributing to poisoning the countryside and damaging farmer's health. Suits me.

They can spot me miles away now. It is even brighter in real life.

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