7 May 2010


A man came to the door with a rather large box today. I signed it off and opened it up. The cat jumped straight into the box, strange animal, and wouldn't get out.

Very orange.

I am often frustrated by the lack of photos on posts so here are some shots of what sprang to my eyes as being new on the V3.

Still very orange.

If you look carefully there is a new reinforcement gusset (plate) on the underside of the toptube straight off the head tube. This is a traditional stress point on bikes, nice touch. Not sure what the threaded holes in the top and down tubes are for though...

New arrangement here. Beefed up, nice thick kickstand plate I see.

More threaded holes, loop and I like the way the light mounting plate has been moved back out of harms way.

Two more threaded holes and a loop just below them on the underside of the "load area" tube just behind the seat. There are also two threaded holes for a waterbottle holder on the top of the down tube, which is a nice choice to have.

Disc brake tabs, ooooh.

Can't wait to build this up. I have a set of Rock Shox Tora 289 forks in the shed and I am wondering if they would be up to the job at the front. They are MTB forks, and it will be the missus who will be riding this as a Yuba Lite setup... any comments folks ? I will have to look at the BB7 stuff I have in my parts bucket to see if I can peg them on this. I will check on the blogs of the kind people who have already posted on this subject.

I will keep you posted. Hopefully we will have the makings of a family Yuba Convoy here before soon.


  1. Looks nice, I like the orange, got my V2 in orange to prove it. I think the extra threaded holes and strap loops are great too, not to mention a water bottle cage holder. I had to knock a handlebar bottle holder together for mine out of a lock bracket with a few holes drilled in it. It works nicely though.

    Have you decided on your rear wheel / transmission yet? If you are doing a Yuba light you could consider building up a Shimano Nexus rear wheel. It would only be 36 spokes but with a roller brake option, the spacing would mean almost no dish to it would be strong. The roller brake reaction arm could probably be quite easily fitted to that lovely rear disk brake mount, and it would be virtually maintenance free (like the Nexus gearing).

    When I have a larger house, i think a second cargobike may be in order for me, but I was thinking of supplementing the Yuba with a bakfiets for a bit of variety.

  2. I'm pretty sure the threaded holes on the head and down tubes are for a frame-mounted front rack or behind-the-bars child seat. Also a plus for the V3: supposedly hammer-free installation of the H-rack courtesy of the rear socket joints! Let us know how that pans out, please.

  3. It will be a colourful Yuba convoy indeed. Funny, my V3 doesn't have the threaded holes on the top and down tubes.
    I had no issues assembling the V3- I think they are very well done.

  4. My V3 also is missing those holes in the side of the front tube but more interestingly my rear brake mount tabs are very different to yours. Mine have the 2 mount holes parallel to the frame where as yours are offset somewhat. Your can see mine here http://keller74.wordpress.com/2010/03/20/brake-3-2/

    So hopefully Yuba have sorted out the rear disc problem?