30 August 2010

Beach run

We managed to make it to the beach. The last 2 runs failed for various reasons.

Here we are parked up on a village square for a drink stop.

We had quite a few people check the bikes out which was fun. Just watching their faces speaks for itself.

Yuba nap.

Done alot of shopping trips and errands with the summer sun. Its good to be out.
The orange yuba has a persistant slowflat. I have a shard of beer bottle that i pulled out that must have left a sliver that flats it over night despite the sludge goo no flat inner tube. Can't find it though. I might end up getting the same tyres for it as came standard with the green Yuba. Kevlar reinforced and no
problems in over a year.


  1. The great thing about Fat Frank tyres is that they come in a brown and white too. I have brown on my orange Yuba, I think white would look great.

  2. Love the capture of the nap on the back of the bike. A good day was had by all it seems.