23 April 2009

The rain has stopped...

Moving house and two weeks of rain have kept me off the Yuba alot, only done about 30km since my last post and been completely off the net... But yesterday I took the Yuba out to find last minute BBQ supplies when we realised that the sun was out and here to stay. This bike is utilitarian. Shopping, trips to the recycling bins, trips to the Post office etc

I have also fitted a Hebie 605 stand which is great and found that the bike can be stored vertically quite easily if you attach the front wheel to a hook in the wall at head height with a rubber rope. Takes up a lot less space in the shed like this... but bare in mind that I am a big chap and I dont find standing this thing on its end a problem.

Road presence is good with this bike, people in cars tend to notice you which is good, and pedestrians gape and comment quite a bit. Slopes are intresting and I find that the Yuba will pick up a turn of speed quickly and you can be surprised by just how fast you can go.

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