4 May 2009

Long haul

You can load and load and as long as there are no slopes or strong wind its all good. The picnic box has been unloaded here.

The sun was out Sunday so we hit the cyclepaths, had a picnic in a park, did a car boot sale and made it to the beach for 3 o'clock icecream.

Then all the way home for a BBQ.

40 to 50 Km all by pedal power on the Yuba. Left at 10 am and got back in at 6 pm. Cool day, lots of sun. Managed to bungee rope the front wheel of Emma's kiddy bike to the back of the Yuba which lets her hop on the back of the Yuba when she is tired of pedaling her bike. She sits with Lucie and sings or chats as the villages go by. This makes us about 8 foot long with up to 4 people onboard, quite the freak show and draws lots of comments usually encouraging ! Still surprisingly easy to pedal. I am starting to think of the first upgrade though, namely the gears which although entirely functional are not as good obviously as the luxury items I am used to.

Took a gas bottle to the filling station too. I also wondered what a titanium or aluminium framed Yuba would be like...


  1. At first glace I thought that gas bottle was a keg! Useful for picnics! LOL

  2. Wishfull thinking ! Hey, an intresting idea though...