7 May 2009

Heat wave

After spending the morning running around the county ferrying Emma to her circus lesson in dad's car (to keep the battery charged) we managed better things out doors.

The summer sun is here... so hot it hurts the skin not used to it yet. A real shock after the crappy weather we have had since November. Yesterday was Wednesday and school was out so we hopped on the Yuba and rode four traffic free blocks to the park with the kiddy rides by the river. It was so hot we sat under the trees and kicked a football, drinking lots of water.

Mum got out early so after dance lessons and icecream in the village park, we headed for the seaside which was alot cooler. The girls didn't even try a real swim which is unusual.

Emma wanted a Kebab (yes, yes) so we headed for our local and Seth was over the moon because they had a flat screen and the Chelsea vs Barcelona match was on.

Had an intresting phone call, but can't let on yet. Shall see.

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