16 November 2009

Up the hill to the fort

Lost my photos of Saturday's market trip so Sunday's spin will have to do. Mrs Yuba mentioned that there was a medieval festival on the other side of town in an old abandoned stone fort. I had heard that a cycle path wound its way up the hill to it's gates, so off we set to discover this new path. We cut through town on a Sunday morning that was surprisingly busy and found the start of the path well hidden behind some recycling bins at the entrance of a commercial strip. We were soon riding along a small canal with huge oaks giving us some shade and came across this aquaduct.

The fort was on the top of the hill with a great view across town. I found the Yuba Mundo quite easy to pedal up dispite the slope.

It was overcast but warm (stung by mosquitos in the night, and it is november... !) We were of course the only cyclists and we watched hundreds of people trying to find a parking space as we pedalled by. We locked up infront of the gates, the kids who had put on costumes to fit in with the medieval theme (Gipsy dancer, fairy & pumpkin ?!? - their tastes !) jumping around with excitement. Note the medieval looking types at the gate...

After a chat with a guy about the Yuba Mundo as I locked up. -He found it a great idea and was surprised that I had managed to pedal up there, but he decided it was too big to store practically - unlike his SUV of course snigger... We walked in. The fort was full of stalls with medievalish activities, sword making, woodworking, birds of prey ;

, cooking in dubious hygienic conditions, taverns, grill, clothes etc etc. Everyone acting very very medieval. Fun for the kids and intresting to see that there are still some people who can do things with their hands, but the scene was not really my cup of tea. I don't find that epoch very inspiring and grown ups getting dressed up, being too extravert for comfort, and trying to sell me overpriced tat was a bit too much for me on a Sunday morning... but it was fun to see a medieval princess on her mobile phone for 20 minutes.

There was also a cage with two bored wolves and an excited woman who couldn't stop cuddling them to show how nice the animals were.

Things picked up when the wolves smelled the ham and smoked sausage grease on the fingers of the kids (we had just had lunch) and it was at this point we decided to leave...

On the way out we noticed that the herd of sheep that usually inhabit the hill were keeping a low profile well out of site of the wolves in a corner.

Nice day out, something for everyone, I went along for the ride.

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