18 November 2009

Yuba Mundo at the pump track

Lucie learned to ride her bike in about ten minutes flat. I was amazed, and I wonder if it has something to do with all the hours spent on the back of the Yuba Mundo. Anyway as school was out and so was the sun we grabbed the bikes and headed for the BMX track two blocks away down by the river. I noticed as I held the back of her saddle so she wouldn't fall off as we made our way, that she had her balance, but that she didn't realise it. The next step was to put my hands under her armpits to catch her if she fell as she went along. We could both see that she was ready to go solo. 15 minutes later she was zipping round the BMX pump track !

I was soon being chased around on my Yuba by the kids and it was fun to ride on the slopes and banks.

We were all exhausted by the end of the afternoon and I attached her littlepinkbike to tag along on the back of theYuba Mundo, Mrs Yuba (first time) climbed on the back with Lucie and our 3 year old son with his push along motorbike. Lots of laughing, quite a band wagon, but within the load limit. It made people smile as we went by.

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