28 June 2010

Mobile Music

Pedal powered fairground ride !

Well I have been busy running around working so I have got behind with my blogging. Not too long ago we went down to the Saturday morning farmer's market and ran across the yearly bicycle awareness ride which I had forgotten about. A sort of townhall sponsored (this year !) "Critical Mass". Previously it was all unauthorized and critical of townhall's lack of intrest in everything bike related. What with the massive green vote recently things are changing. This year it was pretty organised and there were a loads of bike "events".

Leading the ride !

There was the local bike shop selling bikes on site, and the local bicycle association that had all sorts of odd bikes on show and a mechanic to give advice (who I asked about my previous blog post front wheel doubts and he said it would be ok as long as I didn't load too much).

Flower power

When they saw me they asked me to park up the Yuba Mundo on the show stand and I spent part of the morning answering questions and giving couples rides on the back around the square which was really fun. Then a jazz band turned up in all sorts of pedalcars, and a Bakfiet three wheeler bike that came in at around 60kg the guy said.

Here I am giving a musician a lift and answering questions about the Yuba Mundo

Then off we went around town playing jazz and spreading the good word about bikes. We didn't go un noticed or unheard ! I had one of my kids and a brass player without transport on the back of the Yuba.

Mobile music

Shade break

A great day out again and we got a load of smiles.

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  1. Unbelievable! I think the world might be changing, at least for one day.