20 July 2010

Double vision

We now have got into the swing of things. Saturday morning is when we go down "en famille" to the town centre to the farmer's market to buy the weeks fresh food. Previously we had stopped biking, walked and hauled everything back on foot in the scorching sun. As although with one Yuba Mundo and various other bikes it was possible to go, we just felt in danger in busy angry Saturday morning stop start traffic. Constant shouting instructions at one or two slow distracted children on kiddy bikes over the sound of dozens of car engines, screeching tires, car stereos, and putting up with drivers with little awareness of anything else on the road just didn't make for a fun outing, or good blood pressure. Now with the two Yuba Mundos as a family of 5 we can zip down to the square in a couple of minutes, park up, potter around buying fruit and veg, have a coffee while the kids run around playing and having fun in a car free space. The only problems are the arguments between the children of who gets to ride on the new orange Yuba Mundo !

Often, with the food stowed in the fridge we zoom off to the beach with the beach gear and kid's bikes hanging from or pulled along behind the Yuba Mundos. That way if they want to ride they ride, if they want to be cargo they hook up and ride the Yuba.

The V3 Mundo is noticibly lighter, a great ride, and the lighter MTB wheels are still straight and true.

One of the problems with having two Yuba Mundos is the temptation to load and load with stuff that you don't need.

40 km in the day on her Yuba Mundo. Mrs Yuba is pleased and was not running empty.


  1. Impressive. The new orange Yuba is looking good, glad to see you got it finished. Its also quite re-assuring to hear that the normal rear wheel can deal with a reasonable amount of loading too.

  2. The temptation to load & load with stuff you don't need? Huh, seems i'm not the only one then ;-)

  3. Looks really great, two Mundos in one family!
    We have only one mundo, but I did manage it, to transport all four of us with my Mundo and an Charriot trailer. ;-)

    A few weeks ago it happended to me, that I had the chance to follow with my Mundo with Charriot attached another Mundo with a child-trailer attached. Everyone looked at us!

    The Mundo is just a great bike!

    Congratulations for finishing the second Mundo!


  4. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to do an xtracycle conversion on a Yuba Mundo (it would have to be a V1 or V2 though)

  5. We just bought a lovely orange Yuba as well. Love that you have two Yubas. We are now a five-member THREE cargo bike family. We soon will be selling out bakfiets :( but the Yuba and our Xtracycle Radish are out on the road daily.

    I have to read through your blog, but would love to know if you have made upgrades. We've had some gearing issues already so need to think about it.

  6. Thanks for all your comments folks. Another thing with the V3 being lighter is there is perhaps less stability. Mrs Yuba had a topple over moment the other day because I put the child seat at the back of the bike as is my habit on the V2 which stays put, but on this "light" machine the front wheel lifted off flipped round and the bike slowly went down on its side bars (kid stays off the floor)
    No harm done but on this particular Yuba I will but kid seats forward behind the saddle.