25 September 2010

Cool mornings

Summer has slipped away, and we are putting on layers against the coolness in the morning air. The leaves are on the ground and we have after months of bone dry rides seen rain.

The orange Yuba has some nice brown Fat Frank kevlar laced tyres, and has lost its slow flat habit. The hole left by the shard of glass in the self healing inner tube was huge and couldn't bridge the gap with the latex sludge.
The Yubas get used so much that the car battery has lost its charge...


  1. Nice choice with the brown Fat Franks on the orange Yuba, I like it. You should get a black one next and have the cream Fat Franks too

  2. Its a shame that things like money get in the way of ideas like that... If it were up to me I would have a different colour Yuba for every day of the week !

  3. Love you new Fat Franks.
    Here's for celebrating a dead car battery (especially since we would be likely cursing it in another situation).