9 September 2010

Fastest in town

School is back in and we (Mrs Yuba) have been busy organizing out of school activities for the kids as two wheel adventures do not suffice. This morning I was informed that I had a RDVS on the other side of town 15 mins after the kids got out of school. Flamenco dance lessons for the girls in the municipal dance and music accademy. In a car at that time of day it was mission impossible...

Caught dismounting

Straight out of school (its across the road) and onto the back of the Yuba. Mouths dropped and others laughed as we raced off down the road towards town. We picked our way through the traffic and then the pedestrians in the centre. It has been a while since we have been 4 on the Yuba and people do gasp even more, the freak show effect is really strong. Although the remarks we get are more and more positive. Sara you are right, being an exrovert must help. I am not generally, and was just using the most effective mode of transport, sometimes you feel uncomfortable. But i just shrug my shoulders now and try and concentrate on the road.
We were the first to arrive, on time, and were not bothered by the traffic or the lack of parking. All the other parents looked
harassed and didn't stop moaning about the time slot.
Mrs Yuba joined us by bike half way through auditions and is planning to take the girls to swimming lessons on her orange Yuba.
More and more the Yuba's are getting non leisure usage and prove to be the best choice for us....


  1. I get positiv comments often, too!
    Today when I passed a busstop, some teenes shouted "Geil!" when they saw me like this: http://yuba-mundo.blogspot.com/2010/07/kindertaxi.html

    The Mundo really is a fun-vehicle! ;-)

    People stare and often smile, when they see me with my Mundo, even without special cargo, like my daughter.

    I admire your Mrs Mundo and you for consequently using your two Mundos.
    My wife wouldn't want to ride a Mundo, because of its weight.
    But we have a lot of hills here in Eisenach, so I can understand her.

    Happy cycling!


  2. I get all sorts of comments when riding the Yuba, often from children. My favourite was, "Hey mister, that bike is ill but its also shit," I was slightly surprised at his use of "ill" to mean cool due to it going out of fashion years before he was even born.