8 December 2009

1000 visits

During my travels today on the Yuba Mundo I had my 1000 th visiter. When I started this blog I never imagined that there would be that much intrest, and I hope that I have helped to prove and promote the Yuba Mundo concept, or even bike based transport in any form.
Anyway I got some milage in, a trip on my Trek hack to the local police station to report some stolen license plates missing from my wife's car, a trip to the recycling bins to empty the weeks cardboard, glass and plastics from the orange shopping caddy, then a trip to fill the shopping caddy and bag at the local supermarket. Had an old man stop in the street and gape open mouthed at me on the way back. I was quite loaded I suppose.

And as it was fantastically warm, sunny and I had my day, I hit the hills on my MTB. A great day. I often read in the cycling press about various states of beatitude reached during and post ride, and I often say to myself "over doing it a bit there.." but swooping along singletrack this afternoon got me up there and living the dream. (Well nearly.)

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