17 December 2009

Must.... resist.....

The 3rd generation of the Yuba Mundo is out. I don't know how I managed to miss this... probably spending too much time on my bike !

They come with more gears, disc brake tabs, loops for hooking stuff on the frame, and it would appear more accessories... and they are even available as a frame set. Argh.

Must resist.


  1. I also just saw this yesterday. I built my Yuba from a V2 frame and I feel like shaking my fist at Yuba for using their customers as beta testers. A few of the features of the V3 should've been no-brainers from the start: disc brake tabs, H-racks that don't require a hammer to install, and a braze-on for the deflopilator.

    There's still a few issues that are keeping me from ordering a V3 frameset and transferring the build: threaded steerer and headset, no cargo-worthy centerstand (although they say one is in the works), and the stand-over needs to be about 8" lower to make it a useful step through when fully loaded.

  2. The V2 is agricultural but still pretty cool... and part of the attraction for me (I get the feeling I will wear out before this frame will), the v brakes work faultlessly for us. I thought that the headtube was compatible with 1 1/8 inch forks if needed ? Yhe upgrade to V3 is not enough of a progress at the moment for me to put in an order. Loading is not a problem for me too, but I am a big guy and can hold anything down...

  3. Hi Jim,
    Yes, I saw the new Yuba also...it is somewhat frustrating. I think my biggest complaint about the bike (and there are not many because I love the thing) is its wieght...they seemed to trim it down a little in this new version. But another thing that bothers me is that some of the new items (such as the new top deck) do not fit the "older models." None-the-less we bought the versions we did. Sometimes when I'm pumping my way through a headwind or up a hill and sweating I just think of how much aroebic exercise I'm getting.