31 December 2009

Winter fun

Older picture from the summer, but you get the idea.

School is out and we have got back into the habit of being 4 people on the Yuba Mundo. (Me and the 3 kids) The kids (3, 6 and 8 years old) have grown a bit and we are running out of space on the flatbed, although it is still totally doable and we still get the smiles.

For Christmas morning I took Mrs Yuba for a ride to the local Patisserie to get the traditional French "log" Christmas cake. We thought we were pretty chic on our carbon free transport, although we did stick out a bit amongst the 4x4's and Mercs. We had 18°C Christmas eve ( thats 64 degrees Fahrenheit for the americans out there) and the sun has been omnipresent, which is nice but strange. Normally it should be cooler and certainly not 18°C in the evening. Friends in the Northern climes have been sending me photos of frost and snow... here the battle is to keep the kids from going out in T shirts...

Happy new year everybody !


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  1. Thank you for converting the temperature.
    As I finish up school and look for a long-term job, I find more and more the need to know how to convert from our silly imperial/"standard"/English system to the sensible and more common metric system.

    I may be building a Yuba Mundo this year (with help from the local bike shop) and I like your blog.